All the Information That You Might Need About Our Company

Do you want to make sure that LV Superior Lawn Care is the right fit for your precise requirements and that you’re making the right call by hiring us? Perhaps a couple of frequently asked questions that we have answered below can have all the information you are looking for. If, however, you have other questions regarding the way we function as a landscaper, reach out to us, and we will be very happy to give you the precise information you desire.

Do you do maintenance?

Yes. We make sure that we follow a series of tailor-made approaches that are unique for each lawn that we are hired to maintain and provide reliable lawn care for. Our experience adds to our abilities to ensure that our valued clients in Las Vegas, NV are very pleased with the final results.

Do you handle sprinkler installation?

Yes. We can make sure that the customers if they so desire, can get sprinkler systems installed by us. We have the right set of skills required to ensure that you are given proper installation that does not lead to leaks, which is the ideal way to get superior lawn care service.

How to fix my sprinkler?

If you have a sprinkler system already installed and are facing issues with its current functionality, contact us. We also offer sprinkler system repair which can help you save money instead of having to buy an entirely new system for your property.

Do you install new shrubs?

Yes. We can be hired if you wish to plant new plants and shrubs on our existing landscape. We have the experience required to ensure that the newly planted additions do not simply die out days after being planted. Instead, our process ensures that your new shrubs take root and thrive in their new environment.

Do you offer tree trimming?

We are highly skilled at tree trimming and, as lawn service professionals, use the right set of skills and the right tools for the job. We are well versed with the knowledge required to make sure that the trees are given proper trims that help them grow instead of causing them harm.

What is the benefit of fertilizing?

Providing your plants and your entire landscape in general with the proper nutrition to help them grow is very important. We have the right set of skills that can give you the desired results helping your plants not just survive but instead thrive!

What is weed removal?

Rogue plants that are growing on your landscape which have not been planted by you and are actively taking away nutrition from your shrubs and plants are weeds. To make sure that your lawn is well-kept and healthy, it is very important to get rid of these weeds.

If you desire more information about how we function and what other offers we can bring to the table including lawn maintenance, simply contact us at (702) 858-2153. We, at LV Superior Lawn Care, are focused on customer satisfaction and superior-grade results across the greater Las Vegas, NV area, which leaves our clients very impressed. We also have actively ensured that we make an immense effort to be as pocket-friendly as possible.