How to Properly Maintain Your Lawn in Las Vegas, NV

Simple Tips for Better Lawn Maintenance

Do you feel the need to ask for help to improve the health of your lawn? Even if you are doing everything that you can on a day-to-day basis to keep your lawn as healthy as it can be, there may be times when you are unaware that you aren’t really improving the quality of the lawn. If you’re not quite sure why there are still weeds and brown patches, consider the following lawn maintenance tip for better results.

Mow the lawn at a reasonable height

When you are cutting the lawn grass with a lawn mower, make sure to adjust the setting so that it won’t cut too much of the length of the grass. Consider only cutting a fourth of the length so that there will still be enough grass to cover the soil from the sunlight. The reason for this is that when the sun reaches the soil, weeds will grow and can take over the lawn. It’s best to mow regularly than to mow only once a month by cutting shorter. It will be more work in the end when you have to manually pluck out these weeds when doing lawn maintenance.

Adjust the irrigation system to water thoroughly

Watering can be done daily to provide the water that the roots need. However, it would be a little too much if you set the irrigation system or the sprinkler system to automatically water the lawn twice in one day. The roots will get enough water if you only do it once and for over a longer period of time because water can easily evaporate under the sun. Also, water when the sun isn’t out; and do it longer so that the roots will get enough that it needs.

From mowing the lawn and watering it properly, these are just some tips on how to properly maintain the lawn. If you need help, you can always call a professional such as LV Superior Lawn Care. We provide quality lawn maintenance services to residents in Las Vegas, NV.