Basic Landscaping Tools in Las Vegas, NV

Important Information for any Landscaper

Landscaping is not an easy task, but if you have decided to do all the gardening at home, before taking action, you need the right tools to become a real landscaper. There are tons of tools you could buy for your garden, but you have to invest money and find space for them; today we will tell you which basic tools you need to be a landscaper.

Probably the first tool you must purchase is a round point shovel; this versatile landscape tool is very useful for digging holes, removing ground and planting and is very affordable. However, hoes are used more for digging and spreading; they have the blade at a right angle, although the sharpness of blades vary. The sharpest ones are used for slicing roots and the other ones for breaking up the soil and making it softer. When fall comes, the base of the tree is covered with leaves and you need a rake to remove them, although you can use it for some other things like, for example, moving dirt, separating the soil from the rock, and much more.

In a yard, there are always unwanted trees and shrubs you need to cut down completely, or at least some branches, for that you need a chainsaw. There are different models, they can be powered with gas or electricity, and they are very good for cutting trees and chopping down big branches. This tool is, however, one of the biggest investments a landscaper has to make, the price can go up to $500.

Finally, every house with a decent yard needs a lawnmower, you can find manual, battery, electric or gas powered ones. Get a 21-inch gas-powered mower for the average yard. Yards bigger than a quarter of an acre may need a riding mower to save time and energy.

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